Michaël Smets

Michäel started working in 2008 at KU Leuven, after working at Accenture as consulting manager.

The first four years at KU Leuven, he worked as project manager on finance and IT projects. Since 2012 Michaël is the Finance Manager of KU Leuven Research & Development, the TTO of KU Leuven.

Together with 45 colleagues, Michaël is responsible for the financial/administrative follow-up of all TTO projects (+/- 5.000 “on-going”) from signing of the contract until the files can be closed. The main objective is to be efficient, client-friendly (towards companies as well as researchers) and to maximally avoid bureaucracy while still being compliant with internal and external regulations.

W: lrd.kuleuven.be/en
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michael-smets-72bb4215a