Lucia Coral

Lucia graduated in pharmaceutical chemistry in 2011 at the University of Trieste with a thesis in proteomics. As PhD student in nanotechnology of the University of Trieste Lucia worked on DNA nanostructures gaining experience in biotechnology and biochemistry.

As postdoc at the regional coordinator center for rare diseases in Udine, Lucia continued her work in nanotechnology and developed skills in mass spectrometry. In 2017 Lucia worked in the laboratory of metabolic pathology at the pediatric hospital Bambino Gesù for an internship on HPLC-MS, and was a visiting researcher at the university of Buenos Aires were she gained experience in cell culture technique. In 2018 Lucia entered the science communication field as science explainer. Now as Knowledge Transfer Manager of the research hospital National Cancer Institute C.R.O. in Aviano Lucia scouts innovative ideas interacting with researchers and stimulating them to think about the application of their discoveries. Recently she was a speaker at the European project BIO–ALL: BIOHEALTH Gear Box Alliance round table to help identify entrepreneurial skills that need to be cultivated in the biomed/biotech Universities. At C.R.O. Lucia also supports the evaluation of new invention’s impact, developmental stage and researchers needs to define the best IP protection strategy.

W: http://www.cro.sanita.fvg.it/it
E: lucia.coral@cro.it
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucia-coral