Claudia Schwarz

Claudia is a computer scientist and founding partner of a patent law firm specialising in software patents SCHWARZ + Partner, in Munich. She is co-Author of two books relating to the patenting of digital inventions and software-related inventions, such as Legal Protection for Computer-implemented Inventions – A Practical Guide to Software-Related Inventions, taking into account the international perspective in different jurisdictions. Further, she published various expert articles relating to patent protection for software in IP-related magazines.

Dr. Schwarz graduated in computer science at the Technical University in Munich, Germany, TUM. After her master degree in Informatics, she did her Ph.D. in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Engineering. After her studies, she worked as a software engineer in the area of image processing. She is admitted as a German and European Patent Attorney. She is deeply involved in the specific patent law questions regarding the protection of software and has more than 20 years experience in the sector of CII from daily practice.

For companies it is often difficult to decide when to file a patent application for a computer-implemented invention and when not to do so. For this question a lot of expertise and deep knowledge about the dynamically evolving case law is necessary. With this knowledge Claudia advises her clients in this matter.

She has a teaching position at the LMU University for Intellectual Property & Information Technology for over 10 years. For companies interested in the questions of digital patenting and for her clients she regularly gives in-house seminars and speeches. For example, she was invited by the EPO as speaker at the first conference on patenting Artificial Intelligence in 2018.