Bernice Feller Thijm

Bernice is a performance coach and founded JustB in 2019 to focus on facilitating diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She helps improve work performances. Bernice believes diversity in every way shape or form should be seen as an asset instead of a problem. A multitude of diverse perspectives is what is needed not only to succeed but also to innovate and solve complex problems. She works with people 1-on-1 and with teams. 1-on-1 Bernice helps coachees find their unique perspective, strengths and unlock their full potential. In teams she helps improve ownership, make behaviour and cultural changes and makes sure all individuals within the team are able to bring their full selves.

Bernice has 19 years working experience as a Change Manager and Strategist setting up (international) concepts and helping companies with digital transformation.
She has managed several (international) projects with stakeholders on different levels giving her a lot of hands-on experience dissecting complex variables, building strategies and successfully executing these strategies. She is used to communicating with people with different interests and getting them on the same page.

Bernice studied Business Administration and has several degrees in Coaching and Partnership Brokering. She is result driven and above all has a lot of passion for the projects she chooses to do.