8 November 2019

11:00 – 12:30 Fourth Parallel Session


  11:00 - 12:30
  Room: Godfried Schalcken

Track III: New Challenges

Commercialising SSHA Research

Our three buzz words are Licensing, Creativity and Start-ups. Prepare for three presentations followed by discussion corners that dive into “Commercialising SSHA Research”.

What if licensing was as easy as shopping online? Just the swipe of a Mastercard away? We have all experienced how negotiations can consume all our time and energy; what about exploring new ground rules when communicating innovation? How can we embrace marketing in new ways? We will explore these questions by looking into the possibilities offered by a licensing platform.

Product, process and service. How do you create a SSHA product to sell? What happens if, or when, intellectual property is commercially weak or when there is no patent to file? The Knowledge Transfer Officer will need to look beyond academia to find business models to suit a project; consequently, the role requires the KTO professional to be interested in business. A framework will be introduced which will lead to the core question: How does the need to be creative change the KTO’s role?

Start-ups are the salt in the soup of knowledge transfer. Many university spinouts come from STEM fields but SSHA start-up activities are growing. So, what can a university KTO do to nurture commercially oriented start-ups from SSHA disciplines?


Marc Sedam, Associate Vice Provost for Innovation and New Ventures, Managing Director, UNHInnovation, University of New Hampshire, USA
Robert Meijer, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mark Mann, Senior Licensing and Ventures Manager, Oxford University Innovation, UK
Christoph Köller, Co-founder and managing partner of Görgen & Köller GmbH, Germany