8 November 2019

13:30 - 15:00


  13:30 - 15:00
  Room: Leidsche Meesters

Who are We? The Meaning of KT Life

Who are we? What is our role? Do we have several roles? Is a KTO merely a service to the research community? Is the KTO the guardian of university IP? or is it both? Who is our main university stakeholder? Is it the university management, deans, heads of departments, researchers? Is it all of them? Are our real customers external companies? No wonder that we often feel schizophrenic.

Picking up from the opening plenary during the Annual Conference in Dublin where Alison Campbell of Knowledge Transfer Ireland introduced some of these questions in a very humorous way, we will revisit and look more deeply at the issues which she addressed.
If we are not clear who we are or why we are here; then how can we actually do the job that we are here to do?

Confused? You won’t be after this episode of “Who are We? The Meaning of KT Life”.


Alison Campbell , Director, KTI Knowledge Transfer Ireland, Ireland
Henric Rhedin, Project Manager, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


Sean Fielding, Director of Innovation, Impact & Business, University of Exeter, UK